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There’s many reasons as to why we’ve ranked Frontpoint as our top choice in our best home security systems in 2016 ranking. Try to find someone saying bad reasons for having Frontpoint. It may be possible but it will be hard. In 8 short years they have dominated Yelp, Angie’s List, Consumer Affairs, as well as other review sites.

I’m not trying to sound pessimistic but I wondered should they paid for reviews. Can an organization really be that good?

Then I noticed on Facebook we enjoyed a mutual friend named Kevin and so i reached over to Kevin and requested his Frontpoint security review. Kevin was pretty excited to demonstrate the technology. He purchased intrution because of the reviews and also with regard to their home automation capabilities. Using this technology plus your smartphone you can open your door, adjust the temperature within your house, and switch on the lights before you get home. Per year after Kevin introduced me to Frontpoint, I attempted them out for myself. These are exactly what they claim these are: simple, wireless, customer friendly, and secure.

Frontpoint has some unusually friendly business practices. These are so positive about their service that they can offer customers a 30 day 100% risk-free trial. As soon as you decide to sign they may request a three year contract but enable you to dip your toes within the water for one year, if you need. You’ll also find:

They embrace and engage via social websites

They fully comply with the licensing requirements of states in the US plus they cover Canada

A bunch of their packages are 100% wireless

They use customer support reps with technical expertise

Frontpoint Security systems are Z-Wave compatible and work with smart home devices like smart locks and thermostats.

Customers Love Frontpoint

Once we rate security systems, we highly value customer experience and customer friendly business practices. Frontpoint Security includes a 3 year contract option but in case you are willing to pay more, they will also start you with a 1 year commitment. Added to that, they have got an extremely open thirty day return policy. The plan is obvious that in case you don’t enjoy it, you may return it. They also don’t force you into uncomfortable situations by insisting you let a salesman to your home. Nobody wants to be sold. And Frontpoint understands that.

However, as expected with any organization, there are a few complaints that come up for Frontpoint. So that we also summarized common Frontpoint customer complaints at the same time, nearly all of which we found regarded some minor hardware issues and payment terms for specific lengths of contracts. We encourage you to read through these as well as get in touch with Frontpoint’s customer support for feedback or any updates.

Mobile App Collaboration with

Sometimes one does the things you do and delegate others. I’ve heard stories of consumers purchasing security systems with long contracts and at the end of your contract anything they have is surely an obsolete device. Also, other businesses force you to buy their type of equipment. This means you are subjected to their innovation or lack thereof so you are forced to pay whatever price they want. It’s bad business. Frontpoint has exposed their system for some other devices. As an example, they don’t actually sell smart locks. Instead, they tell you what smart lock makes/models are supported and so they allow you to pick the one that you just prefer.

Frontpoint makes friends. They partner with two huge names in home security:, which helps back the technology, and GE, the present manufacturer of your security equipment. You might have heard about’s patented “Crash & Smash technology” which calls for help regardless of whether a bad guy breaks-in, finds your system, and destroys it.

Frontpoint Security takes advantage of’s mobile app, which can be currently rated 3.5 stars on iTunes and 4.4 stars on Google Play. Both stores work with a 5 star rating system. There is also an app for Blackberry users, a native app for Windows Phones, one for Kindle Fire and Pebble as devppky13 as being a mobile friendly version with their website for other internet enabled personal devices. They also have an app for the new Apple Watch. The Apple Watch allows users to fully control connected smart devices using their wrist. Additionally, it includes one push resolution for notifications and you may view live footage of your home right from your watch.

Find out more about Frontpoint’s Mobile App features in our review. Remember that through’s app, Frontpoint is compatible with a wide range of iPhone, Android, and Blackberry devices and wearables.

Protection Package – The $34.99 package offers 100% wireless monitoring that doesn’t depend on an internet connection or possibly a phone line. It offers UL-listed professional monitoring 24/7 for burglary/intrusions which can be delivered through their two monitoring centers. Furthermore, it includes basic fire monitoring (you have to push a control button), environmental condition monitoring, and life safety.

Interactive Package – Frontpoint Security calls their second level plan Interactive. If you would like take advantage of the awesomeness that may be Z-Wave home automation you need to purchase this package or the next one up. The Interactive package is $44.99. The Frontpoint Interactive Package gives you everything I stated earlier plus Crash & Smash protection, email alerts, text alerts, remote access, alarm history repository, basic home automation and lightweight control. This package also adds features that permit you to track visitors or perhaps your family which means you know specifically who may be coming and who may be going. This is the plan that I have.

Ultimate Package – Their top plan is named Ultimate and is also priced at $49.99 per month. This provides you the above plus live and recorded video surveillance, climate control, and door lock automation which can be what Kevin was using.

Frontpoint has moved toward a personalised model. Generally, they will assist you to pick what exactly you need and everything you don’t need in relation to security equipment. Having a 3 year contract and qualifying credit they are going to typically offer $300 toward the purchase of equipment. If you wish to rise above the $300 mark you will shell out of pocket to the equipment but it will be your equipment to maintain.

Tip – in case you are up to it, you can call 855-806-1188 and request should they be running any other specials beyond the $300. On occasion you will recognize that simply asking could easily get a free sensor on top of the machine credit.

We go considerably more thorough about Frontpoint pricing and packages within our own review too. Make sure that out and see the numerous pricing options they offer.

Wireless Control Panels

Frontpoint offers two control panels like the Simon XT as well as the Qolsys IQ touch-screen. The Simon XT cpanel is essential which is the brains of your operation. Provided with battery power backup, it manages other pieces of equipment and communicates straight back to Frontpoint’s monitoring center. The Simon XT communicates via cellular signal. It can not communicate over YOUR cellphone but consider it as having its very own mini integrated cellphone which requires a significantly weaker signal than your daily phone.

The Qolsys IQ is definitely an optional upgrade towards the primary controller. If you have to have a touch screen, Frontpoint has this approach ready for yourself. The Qolsys IQ supplies a 7? LCD panel and may manage your home security system and home automation system. (Plus it comes with a built in camera. Nifty, right?)

Frontpoint also provides a remote arm and disarm touchpad, a keychain remote, panic pendant, and free mobile apps for increased control and communication.

Read our side-by-side comparison of Frontpoint’s Qolsys IQ Panel vs the Simon XT user interface for an entire in-depth review. This could seriously help determine which kind of cpanel will best suit your home security needs.

Sensors are wireless devices which can be positioned on doors or windows to check open and close movements. When a window is opened the sensor sends an alert to notify you of your breach. Sensors are an affordable and effective way to monitor your home. Each contact sensor costs around $32.99 however, you might be able to have a few free with all the initial equipment credit. In case you have a room with several windows you might want to look at a motion sensor or a glass break sensor. A motion sensor can cover about 1000 sq . ft .. Frontpoint claims how the larger motion sensor is smart enough to ignore small pets that is essential to avoid false alarms. However, in case you have pets we recommend the glass break sensor if at all possible.

Frontpoint SensorsYou can purchase environmental monitoring sensors from Frontpoint including sensors that monitor for water and flood. These sensors will give you a fast warning in case a leak is detected or worse…a flood. Other important sensors available from Frontpoint include CO sensors, fire/smoke sensors, garage door sensors, and recessed door sensors. Based on your house or location, you might like to add some of these to the security package.

To provide you with an improved concept of many of these additional sensors, read our review on Frontpoint’s garage door sensors and whatever we found.

One last interesting sensor that Frontpoint offers could be the Image Sensor, which requires the Interactive or Ultimate package along with the Qolsys IQ panel. However the sensor can detect various levels of movement while you’re away and send a colored photo to alert you together with require visual verification. In lower light conditions, this photo will be in black and white instead.

The Fronptoint Image Sensor is a pretty cool sensor add-on. We recommend you read our Image Sensor review for the deeper dive into how it works.

Video Surveillance

The Best Package provides remote control over video surveillance if you buy one of three cameras available from Frontpoint. They have an inside wireless camera with night vision, an inside pan and tilt camera, or perhaps outdoor wireless camera with night vision.

There are plenty of options in terms of video surveillance, so that we dedicated a full review on Frontpoint’s video surveillance options to assist you evaluate what you might need.

Frontpoint Security equipment has a 3 year phone-in warranty. If their techs are unable to assist in the phone they are going to mail that you simply replacement part to your home. They include standard delivery but you can pay extra for overnight delivery of parts if required. In their DIY approach, they generally do not offer onsite tech support and may charge for replacement parts depending upon the situation.

Easy Frontpoint Equipment Installation

Frontpoint Security delivers a professional installation package which is a nice touch however i haven’t met anyone who has ever taken them on the offer. Reason being is definitely as the equipment is rather easy and can be achieved in under 5 minutes.

Check this out review about how exactly easy it can be to put in Fronpoint security at your residence. We even included a helpful how-to video to provide some visual regarding the process. Check out how easy Frontpoint installation truly is.

A Summary of Frontpoint Security

Certainly the easy DIY setup is attractive. You plug in the key control panel, stick your motion sensors towards the wall, and set a phone call to Frontpoint to activate the program.

Crash and Smash protection. In case a bad guy gets into your own home and smashes your computer they have really done himself a disservice. Frontpoint’s system sends a door open signal to a remote monitoring site the minute the doorway is open. It then waits to get a disarm signal and demands help should you not enter into the disarm signal.

Moving? Frontpoint makes moving easy. They let you move your security system from one home to another with a phone call. Should you not are able to move the machine in your brand new home it is possible to transfer ownership to the new owner of your respective current home.

30 Day Return. If for any reason you will be unhappy using the system you are able to return the machine to Frontpoint within 30 days. Beyond 1 month is known as under contract and contract cancellations require an 80% balance payment.

Frontpoint uses Z-Wave for home automation.

They have an A rating with the BBB.

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